【セール】 ジャパネスク 新品 黒×ブルー スーベニアジャケット メンズ 桜月兎 3RSJ-023 スカジャン-コート・ジャケット

【セール】 ジャパネスク 新品 黒×ブルー スーベニアジャケット メンズ 桜月兎 3RSJ-023 スカジャン-コート・ジャケット

ジャパネスク スカジャン 3RSJ-023 桜月兎 Japanesque メンズ スーベニアジャケット

日本のカジュアルウェアメーカー「Switch Planning(スイッチプランニング 花旅楽団)」が展開するスカジャンを主体にした和柄レーベルが「JAPANESQUE(ジャパネスク)」です。


そのSwitch Planning(スイッチプランニング 花旅楽団)の和柄ブランド・JAPANESQUE(ジャパネスク)のスカジャン(メンズ リバーシブル スーベニアジャケット)です。








作品名は「3RSJ-023 花旅楽団 JAPANESQUE ジャパネスク 月桜兎柄刺繍スカジャン」です。




Product Description in English

Japanesque Japanese Souvenir Jacket 3RSJ-023 Moon rabbit Men's Sukajan

"Japanesque ( Script Hanatabi Gakudan)" is a label spun-off from casualwear brand Switch Planning in Japan, and its focus is on embroidered souvenir jackets and other items with traditional Japanese motifs.

Featuring traditional Japanese patterns and designs, the lineup includes pieces in Japanese sizes and silhouettes, with the materials and details retooled for today's taste.

These are not just merely Japanese patterns, but pieces that have been enhanced with casual style. They've been customized to make them suitable for use in town, not just on special occasions.

Here is one piece from the Japanesque (Script Hanatabi Gakudan) brand : a reversible Japanese souvenir jacket for Men (The reverse side is plain).

Made with 100% satin rayon and lined in 100% satin polyester.
Satin offers a unique flowing drape and sheen.

The collar, cuffs, and hem are inset with a 88% cotton/10% polyester/2% Polyurethane fabric.

There is no internal batting, so the jacket is not bulky or puffy. It wears clean and close to the body.
And this light piece of outerwear can be worn year-round, especially in spring and fall.

Front zip closure
The front zipper moves smoothly, and won't get stuck, with rounded edges to protect the fabric. The zipper is a special-order piece from YKK.

The front and reverse sides feature curved, welted pockets reinforced with triangular, gusseted stitches.

Patterns are total chain embroidered.

Model name: 3RSJ-023 cherry blossoms and moon rabbit embroidered souvenir jacket

The moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the Moon, based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the Moon as a rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, prominently in East Asian folklore and Aztec mythology. In East Asia, it is seen pounding in a mortar and pestle, but the contents of the mortar differ among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore. In Chinese folklore, it is often portrayed as a companion of the Moon goddess Chang'e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her; but in Japanese and Korean versions, it is pounding the ingredients for rice cake.

A super stylish souvenir jacket from Japanesque (Script Hanatabi Gakudan). Great for a biker or rider outfit.

*This item has been specially treated to produce a vintage-like effect. Note that this may cause some of the threads in the base material and embroidery to appear loose or split in parts. Note that this is entirely consistent with the vintage effect and is intentional.

*Note that the material used in this product is extremely delicate. The material is susceptible to damage from friction and wear, and its color may wear or fade in the sun. Note that the embroidered accent is extremely delicate, so avoid striking it against surfaces. Tumble drying should be avoided, as it can cause the garment to lose shape, fray, or shrink.

Made in china
Brand-new, new condition with tags
It is a Japanese standard size. it is smaller than American standard size.
The Model is Wearing size Medium. Height:5feet 9inch(1.75m), weight:139pound(63kg)

*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.
*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.

Japanese souvenir jacket(Sukajan) History
The souvenir jacket (commonly known as the sukajyan (Skajang/Skajan) in japan) originated duringthe early days of post World War II. The jackets featured a variety of oriental designs(eagle・tiger・dragon) and/or the servicemen's very own designs of their unit or base name,etc. Later, souvenir jackets became commercialized and sold through Post Exchanges (PX;commissaries within the US army bases) throughout Japan.



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【セール】 ジャパネスク 新品 黒×ブルー スーベニアジャケット メンズ 桜月兎 3RSJ-023 スカジャン-コート・ジャケット

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